ICIS2017 The 5th Annual Meeting of the International Cytokine and Interferon Society


Program at a glance

*This is the tentative program as of January, 2017 and the details of sessions are subject to change.

Day1 : October 29th, Sunday

Opening Remarks


by Kouji Matsushima (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Opening Keynote Lecture 1~3


16:00-16:40 1. Chair: Kouji Matsushima (The University of Tokyo)
Speaker: Tadamitsu Kishimoto (Osaka University, Japan)
16:40-17:20 2. Chair: Akihiko Yoshimura (Keio University)
Speaker: Richard Flavell (Yale University School of Medicine, USA)
17:20-18:00 3. Speaker: Nancy C. Reich (Storny Brook University, USA)

Welcome Reception


Day2: October 30th, Monday

Keynote Lecture 4


Chair: Takashi Fujita (Kyoto University)
Speaker: Luke O’Neill (Trinity College Dublin, UK)

Symposium1 ~ Philip Marcus Memorial Symposium ~
“Innate immunity and cytokines”

9:30-12:10 (incl. 10min break)

Chair: Thomas Hamilton (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
Ganes C. Sen (Case Western Reserve University)
Speaker: Shizuo Akira (Osaka University, Japan)
Glen N. Barber (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA)
Gordon D Brown (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Takashi Fujita (Kyoto University, Japan)
Akiko Iwasaki (Yale University, USA)
Sho Yamasaki (Kyushu University, Japan)

Lunch-time Lecture 1~3


Workshop1 ‟Innate immunity and infection”


Chair: Shinobu Saijo (Chiba University, Japan)
Mitsutoshi Yoneyama (Chiba University, Japan)

Workshop3 “Cytokines in skin inflammatory diseases”

Chair: Masayuki Amagai (Keio University, Japan)
Kristin M. Leiferman (FAAD and FAAAAI University of Utah Health Care, USA)

Workshop5 “Genetic disorders in cytokines and inflammation”

Chair: Koji Yasutomo (Tokushima University, Japan)
Warren Leonard (NIH, USA)

Workshop2 “Allergic disease”


Chair: Hiroshi Nakajima (Chiba University, Japan)
David Vöhringer (Infektionsbiologische Abteilung am Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Germany)

Workshop4 “Regulation of cytokine production”

Chair: Osamu Takeuchi (Kyoto Univeristy, Japan)
Howard Young (Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, USA)

Workshop6 “Cytokines in mucosal immunity”

Chair: Yoichiro Iwakura (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
Rachel R. Caspi (NIH, USA)

Evening Symposium “Cytokines/IFNs in infection”


Sponsored Evening Symposium

Asian - Middle East - Pacific Cytokine Network

Poster Viewing with Wine and Cheese


Day3 : October 31st, Tuesday

Keynote Lecture 5


Chair: Shimon Sakaguchi (Osaka University)
Speaker: Diane Mathis (Harvard Medical School, USA)

Symposium2 “Autoimmunity, chronic inflammation and cytokines”

9:30-12:10 (incl. 10min break)

Speaker: Doreen A Cantrell (University of Dundee, UK)
Chen Dong (Tsinghua University, China)
Manfred Kopf (Institute of Molecular Health Sciences, Switzerland)
Vijay K. Kuchroo (Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA)
Shimon Sakaguchi (Osaka University, Japan)
Hiroshi Takayanagi (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Lunch-time Lecture 4~5


MMCB Sponsored Symposium

Workshop7 “Signal transduction and metabolic regulation”


Chair: Akihiko Yoshimura (Keio University, Japan)
Xiaoxia Li (Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, USA)

Workshop9 “Anti-cytokine therapy for inflammatory human diseases”

Chair: Yoshiya Tanaka (University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan)
John A Hamilton (The Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne, Australia)

Workshop11 “Emerging cytokines”

Chair: Hiroki Yoshida (Saga University, Japan)
Cem Gabay (University of Geneva School of Medicine, Switzerland)

Workshop8 “Cytokines and inflammatory factors in host defense”


Chair: Kiyoshi Takeda (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan)
Christopher Hunter (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Workshop10 “Cytokines in autoimmune diseases”

Chair: Masaaki Murakami (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Ann Chen (Tri-Service General Hospital, National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan)

Workshop12 “Helper T cell differentiation”

Chair: Masato Kubo (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
Motoko Kimura (Chiba University, Japan)

Evening Symposium “Chemokines ---- Cell trafficking and beyond”


Chair: Naofumi Mukaida (Kanazawa University)
Jason G. Cyster (University of California)
Speaker: Tomohisa Baba (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Jason G. Cyster (University of California, USA)
Kenji Kabashima (Kyoto University, Japan)
Jens V. Stein (University of Bern, Switzerland)
Michio Tomura (Osaka Ohtani University, Japan)

Sponsored Evening Symposium2

ICIS Young investigator Awardee’s Presentation

ICIS Women’s session

Poster Viewing with Wine and Cheese


Day4 : November 1st, Wednesday

Keynote Lecture 6


Speaker: Dan Littman (New York University, USA)

Symposium3 “Environment, chronic inflammation and cytokines”

9:30-12:10 (incl. 10min break)

Speaker: David Artis (Cornell University, USA)
Sidonia Fagarasan (RIKEN, Japan)
Kenya Honda (Keio University, Japan)
Hiroshi Kiyono (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Gabriel Núñez (University of Michigan, USA)
Fiona Powrie (University of Oxford, UK)

Lunch-time Lecture 7~8


BioLegend Award Session

Workshop13 “Development and function of Macrophage and DC”


Chair: Toshiaki Ohteki (National University Corporation Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)
Miriam Merad (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA)

Workshop14 “Cytokines in cancer development and antitumor immune

Chair: Tsukasa Seya (Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan)
Christopher Klebanoff (National Cancer Institute, USA)

Workshop15 “Innate cells including ILC, NK, mast cell and γδT cells”

Chair: Shinichiro Sawa (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Kazuyo Moro (RIKEN IMS, Japan)

Award Ceremony and ICIS President Lecture


Speaker: Tadatsugu Taniguchi (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Day5 : November 2nd, Thursday

Keynote Lecture 7


Speaker: Marc Feldmann (Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, UK)

Symposium4 “Tumor immunity, macrophages and cytokines”

9:30-12:10 (incl. 10min break)

Speaker: Xuetao Cao (Peking Union Medical College and Second Military Medical University, China)
Florent Ginhoux (Singapore Immunology Network, Singapore)
Carl H. June (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Yutaka Kawakami (Keio University, Japan)
Kazuko Shibuya (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
Mark Smyth (QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Australia)

* The names in sessions are listed in alphabetical order